Out of This World Haircuts

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Hi everyone! My name is Sharon, and I am the owner of “Out of This World Haircuts”.

I really enjoy being a hairstylist. I started at Supercuts back in 1995. I won two of their national competitions among all Supercuts employees and by 2001 I had built up a very large clientele. So I decided to start my own hair salon.


I am really blessed to have so many great customers who picked me to be their hairstylist over all these years. I don’t just do their hair and shove them out the door; they mean way more than that to me. Over the years I have become friends with each and everyone of them. It’s really a neat connection we have and I’ve even been lucky enough do their hair through a lot of important events in their lives like marriages, births, and their kids graduation.

My Commitment to You


I strive to give the best haircut, the best customer service, and the best experience you ever had getting your hair done. When you come to my shop you always count on some basic things:

  1. I am always happy and cheerful. I LOVE MY JOB!
  2. You will get the haircut YOU want.
  3. I almost always have some contest going on with cool prizes and discounts and lots of fun!
  4. The decorations inside the shop are always changing to keep with the season, holiday, or mood that I am in.
  5. You get 100% personal attention and you will never feel rushed in and out.
  6. I take a lot of pride in all my haircuts. Like I said, I LOVE MY JOB!!
  7. I respect your time. I think this is the most important one of all. I take appointments only and try hard not to have people ever wait longer than ten minutes.
“Get your haircut with me, so then you can tell all your friends, ‘Man, I went Out of This World to get my Haircut and it was totally worth it!’”